Our Ministry is a team effort. We are all blessed with different gifts and strengths, all part of the Body of Christ. Through the use of what each person brings, we have the ability to draw closer to the goal of growing in our relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Audio Team

Audio Engineer

The Audio Engineer is responsible for the set-up, monitoring, and adjustment of all auditorium audio equipment: Front of House mixing for the audience.

On-Line Audio Engineer

The Audio Engineer is responsible for the set-up, monitoring, and adjustment of the online audio equipment: mixing for the on-line audience.

Stationary Camera Operator

The Stationary Camera Teams operates the camera for all elements for the service for worship and message. Camera operators take their cues from the "Video Director."

Roaming Camera Operator

The Roaming Camera Team walks around the stage in designated areas to take the audience on a visual tour: During worship and and during the message.

Switcher Operator/Video Director

  • The Switcher operator executes the commands from the Video Director Switcher Console

  • The Video Director is the one who directs all the camera and video aspects of a service, including computer graphics.

Computer Graphics (CG) Operator

The CG Operator executes all on-screen graphics and speaker's on-stage display: all music lyrics, lower-thirds, and full-screen graphics. 


Lighting Team

Lighting Board Operator

The Lighting Board Operator is to prepare, design, and operate the equipment used to light both the stage and the auditorium for our services. They work closely with the Floor Director to decide exactly how the production should be lit. The focus on illuminating properly, creating atmosphere and focusing attention.

Backstage Manager

The backstage Manager is responsible for the operation of the service from behind the stage. They direct the flow of people, and props from on and off stage. They coordinate all traffic near the stage and focus on creating an environment, enhancing visual communication and supporting the communicator. The backstage manager is stationed backstage in the booth and help both musicians and speaker in the operation of the stage during service.

Floor Director

  • The Floor Director supervises the team on the floor in the auditorium. The Floor Director is the link between the Video Director and the Floor. Also, they handle the cues during service: children names, speaking clock, etc.). The Floor Director is also responsible for "Online" and "Campus" streaming.

  • The Floor Director also meets with the teaching pastor prior to service to insue all aspects of the teaching are in place.

Stage Design Team

The Stage Design Team designs and creates the stage for each of the sermon series. Their inspiration comes from all aspects of life: TV, internet, architecture, and anywhere else one can be inspired from. Stage team reports to the "Technical Director."


The Photographer takes still images of the services. These images are used in the various needs of the church.