Water Into Wine

Water into Wine with Your Team

I don’t know about your church, but my church tech team pulls off a miracle every Sunday. Our team produces seven services at two locations. That is more single-day production than a Broadway show or sporting event. It’s no wonder we’re all exhausted by the end of the day. Yet, first thing Monday morning we all know that Sunday is coming again.

Yes it’s a miracle and I want my team to know that they play a huge part of that miracle.

When you look at Jesus’ first miracle in John 2, an important point is often overlooked. Our Lord used others to perform the miracle. Water was turned to wine but Jesus said to the servants “fill”, “draw” and “take”. Jesus’ mother even told the servants “do it”.

Jesus used ordinary people to be a part of the miracle.

What we don’t see in the text is how the servants viewed their part. We read that the master of the feast tasted the water that was made wine. The master did not know where it came from. But the text says that the servants who had drawn the water knew. Did they know that they “got” to be a part of the miracle?

Our team, staff and volunteers “get” to be a part of miracles in our church. My job as the leader is to embrace that concept. Make sure your team sees the big picture. I want our team to be a part of those miracles. It’s not just clicking ProPresenter.

Jesus could have performed the miracle task in our text without help. Jesus was not a micromanager. As a leader, I may have a tendency to be one. I fight that temptation to do it all. That’s not the example of our Lord. Jesus had twelve “helpers” that all had different skills, view points, and temperament. He empowered them over time to complete the tasks he declared before his return. You can’t possibly do it all. Leaders need to attract team members. Then you teach them skills, allow them to practice those skills, and then let them lead. We see this throughout Jesus’ dealings with the disciples.

It’s not always going to go smoothly. Some Sundays I wonder what happened to our brains. But we all get to be a part of a miracle. You never know what business God is doing. It might be with an individual in the seat, a viewer online, or a listener of our sermon podcast.

I need to remind our media team that Jesus used ordinary people.

Come be a part of the miracle!